My name is Jorge Prado and I am an artist since I was born, I have no doubt about that.

The reason for this art and everything I do is dedicated to the love of my life Mateo, my son.

I am different, daring and I am not afraid to take risks. In general, my life has been a risk from beginning to end.

After working in journalism, in an office fulfilling a routine schedule I realized that this way of life, enslaving, sad and repetitive was not for me, that is why I began to travel the world looking for my passion, looking for reason for my life, in art today I can tell you that I found what I like the most, I found my true passion. When I'm painting I feel like I'm flying, I feel free and I feel grateful.

If I can say something about myself it is that I admire people who are afraid to show their talent because it is not easy to live chained life, you must have a lot of resistance.

Thanks to all my followers I love you all and I will continue making art for all of you.

Mexican artist from Mexico City.

Passionate about urban art, painting and photography.

Student of photography by the Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico City, studies in plastic arts with different artists.

Currently I want to continue expressing my ideas in different projects around the world.

Powerful ideas can change the world when rightly executed.

- Winner in the category ''Cubism'' with the Gallo's Mural for the American Art Awards.